Res Realty Burnsville MN

Reno, Nevada 2 comments

Do not trust RES REALTY LLC, Burnsville MN; Charles Borrell (952) 201-7034612-889-2226, 612-599-7385. One calls you 7AM in morning. He tells you he would call you back in 30 minutes, if he is not planning to call you back. Another's voice recording tells you to leave a details message, because she doesn't return to you if she is not interested in your message. The other tells you he would call you back after checking your question, if he is not going to call you back. These are my experiences with RES REALTY LLC. They don't just leave you alone. They play games so that you go away. So, if you are seriously buying or renting a house, first thing you have to do is not to contact RES REALTY LLC. Stay away from them!



UNETHICAL practices, will not present my offer to the bank on a home they list. Ignoring my agents every inquiry, and tabling my offer as it doesn't exist, hoping I go away.

Law Suit PENDING , BEWARE !!!!



Charles Borrell just spent 20 days in jail for Fraud. He is about to get more as additional cases of Fraud of surfacing in his Lease with Option scams.

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